New era "black" technology optical lighting products come into the market

Guangke Lighting was established in Shenzhen in 2010. It is committed to independent research and development of new products. The innovation of products is in line with the context of the times. brand imprint. "The sky is high for birds to fly, and the sea is wide for fish to leap." The wheel of time has entered 2016. Guangke Lighting continues to develop the spirit of "hard work and innovation", constantly launching new products, and blowing the clarion call for national brands to enter!



Warmly congratulate the launch of our high-voltage 110/220V LED module

After nearly a year of research and development, our company has launched a complete set of high-voltage LED modules and installation and application guidance solutions. At present, the products are ready for mass production. According to the survey, such a complete solution for similar products is the first time in China. 高压模组是一件革命性的产品,颠覆了标识行业光源应用的常态,节省了开关电源的成本,免去了开关电源的不稳定造成的维修之苦,另外高压电路的多级联性,保证产品的首位亮度一致性的同时更省去了低压模组安装布线的材料成本和人工成本。 高压驱动是LED标识应用未来的趋势,国际上已经有发达国家正在普及此类产品。在全球人工工时费居高不下的浪潮下,高压模组可以为您省去很多不必要的成本和减小产品的故障率,真正做到一旦拥有,后顾无忧。



Lighting celebrities talk about "O2O" in 2015“

Some people say that 2015 is the outbreak of the O2O all-out war in the LED industry, and many LED companies are already ready to fight. Although 2014 is called "the first year of the outbreak of the O2O market", the behavior of LED lighting companies entering the O2O industry is burning money! Let's talk today, Unilumin Technology, NVC Lighting, Xiaomi and other companies are all How to burn money in the O2O field. Obviously, big brand companies in the lighting industry are unswervingly going to O2O, but the way to get started is different.



Excessive squeezing of suppliers in LED lighting procurement is "self mutilation"

[Gaogong LED Comprehensive Report]  Soon, an LED lighting company promoted a purchaser to a supply chain business manager. It didn't take long to hear the manager preaching about how much he had reduced prices by moving some parts from one supplier to another, and how much he could save on procurement costs every year. He is also preparing to adjust the entire supplier base to save procurement costs by how much. There is nothing to be criticized for the three fires of the new official's appointment, but the way and method are worthy of discussion.

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