Congratulations on the success of Optics Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition


Excessive squeezing of suppliers in LED lighting procurement is "self mutilation"

[Gaogong LED Comprehensive Report]  Soon, an LED lighting company promoted a purchaser to a supply chain business manager. It didn't take long to hear the manager preaching about how much he had reduced prices by moving some parts from one supplier to another, and how much he could save on procurement costs every year. He is also preparing to adjust the entire supplier base to save procurement costs by how much. There is nothing to be criticized for the three fires of the new official's appointment, but the way and method are worthy of discussion.



Three Japanese inventors of high brightness energy-saving blue LED won the Nobel Prize for Physics

According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, on the evening of the 10th local time, the 2014 Nobel Prize awarding ceremony was held at the Concert Hall in Stockholm, Sweden. Three Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Professor Hiroshi Amano (54 years old), professor of Nagoya University, and Shuji Nakamura (60 years old), professor of University of California, Santa Barbara, presented medals and certificates.



Next year, the penetration rate of LED lighting will reach 50%, exceeding the output value of traditional lighting

This year is the popularization year of LED lighting, and the popularity of LED lighting will accelerate next year. The output value of LED lighting is expected to exceed that of traditional lighting next year, becoming a turning point in the lighting industry. At the same time, the integration of the LED industry has intensified, and there will be more mergers next year.



Optoelectronics Lighting participated in 2014 Guangzhou LED Advertising Exhibition

On February 23-26, 2014, Guangke Lighting Co., Ltd. participated in the "2014 Twelfth China (Guangzhou) International Advertising Sign Exhibition and the 2014 Tenth Guangzhou International LED Exhibition", and the exhibition was successfully concluded.



LED lighting industry will welcome the era of "modularization"

Guangming Net Energy News (Zhang Yan) At present, LED lighting technology is facing a new revolution. Especially in recent years, the LED lighting industry has developed rapidly with the strong support of the state. The modular technology known for its low cost and convenient operation has gradually become the mainstream development trend of the LED lighting industry in the future.   随着LED模组化的逐步成熟,降低成本后的LED照明产业无疑会对目前的照明体系造成很大程度的冲击。模组化将推动LED照明产业在规模中降低成本,最终推动LED照明产品走进“千家万户”,对全球照明行业进入LED时代将起到莫大的推动作用。



The function and importance of led display module in shenzhen

What are the functions and importance of Shenzhen led display module? With the development of the optoelectronic industry, the application of LED display screens is becoming more and more extensive. LED modules are products that arrange (light-emitting diodes) together according to certain rules and then package them, plus some waterproof treatment. It is the core part of the LED display, simply using a circuit board and a housing with LEDs to become an LED module.



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