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MDW192B, 2.8W 47 * 43 single lamp high-power side polished injection molding module

    • Commodity ID: MDW192B


LED High-power Module

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    It adopts imported 3W high-power 3535 light source, which has ultra-high brightness, and the maximum brightness of a single lamp can reach 250LM; the PCB board uses aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity, and cooperates with aluminum alloy radiator to ensure good heat dissipation and stable performance of the product; selects integrated optical lens, injection molding One-time molding process subverts the traditional lighting method and completely solves the rib pattern of light box lighting; three lights are a group, the distance between the lights is adjustable, DC 12V power supply, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to install and use. Suitable for single-sided or double-sided light boxes with a thickness of 8 to 40 cm and a width of less than 200 cm; super cost-saving, low power consumption, uniform lighting, and better effects.


    Product parameters:


    Operating Voltage:

    DC 12V constant voltage drive

    shell material:

    Aluminum substrate + optical lens + heat sink

    Input Current:

    580-700 mA

    shell color;



    3 lights as a group

    Connecting wire material:

    100mm PVC parallel

    Single lamp power:


    Connecting wire color:

    Red line is positive, white line is negative

    Beam angle:

    20°X 60°

    Number of cascades:

    30 (10 groups)

    Single lamp brightness:

    Above 210lm

    Fixing screw:

    M2, screw diameter: 2MM

    physical dimension:

    47*43*19 mm


    3M Thermal Adhesive

    Number of LEDs:

    3 pcs/group

    Operating temperature:


    Luminous color:


    Storage temperature:


    Protection class:


    Warranty years:

    2 years



    A string of weights:

    776 kg

    Waterproof method:

    Integrated optical lens + ABS injection molding




    Product light source parameters:


    LED type


    Beam angle


    service life


    can choose colour

    warm white/natural white/pure white

    Forward Voltage

    White light: 3.0-3.4V

    LED color temperature/wavelength

    warm white light

    cold white light

    positive white light




    LED luminous flux/brightness

    ( 700mA)

    warm white light

    cold white light

    positive white light





    Schematic diagram of product dimensions (unit: MM)




    Product installation wiring diagram




    Matters needing attention in product installation and use:


    (A). This product uses 12V constant voltage power supply. Three modules form a group. Counting from the beginning, they must be cut and used after multiple modules of 3 or at the wiring position marked with a cutable label;
    (B ). Use 12V DC constant voltage switching power supply to drive this product, and select a power supply with appropriate power according to the number of connected modules; do not connect this product directly to 220V mains, otherwise the product will be burned.
    (C). When installing wiring, connect the red wire of the module to the positive output port of the power supply. The white wire in the middle is an empty wire, which can be cut off directly and not connected. The white wire on the side of the module is connected to the negative output port of the power supply;
    (D). The total power of the series-connected modules shall not exceed 80% of the rated power of the drive power supply, otherwise the power supply may be easily burned. In addition, according to the actual number of modules connected in series, select the appropriate thickness of the main line connection line, and the connection between the lines The points must be tightly wrapped with insulating electrical glue to ensure the safe use of this product!



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