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MJW1A0D 1 lamp 1.2W 3030 with optical lens 160 ° injection mold

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LED High-power Module

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  • 1. Product description:


    1. It adopts high-quality 3030 light source, which has the characteristics of high brightness, uniform light color and strong antistatic ability;
    2. It adopts DC12V power supply, constant current circuit driving mode, and single lamp can be cut;
    3. Equipped with 160° optical lens, the appearance Beautiful, the PCB adopts high-conductivity aluminum substrate, and the heat dissipation effect is good;
    4. The module adopts ABS half-pack injection molding process, flame retardant grade UL94V-0, protection grade IP65.


    Application places: mainly used in 8-15cm advertising signboard light boxes, single-sided advertising light boxes, etc.


    2. Product parameters:


    Operating Voltage:


    Exterior color:




    Weight (20PCS):


    Luminous flux:


    Standard cascade (Typ):


    Light effect:


    a fixed way:

    Glass glue or screw ST2.5x10mm

    Beam angle:



    White release paper blue 3M lettering adhesive

    Number of LEDs:


    Operating temperature:


    Protection class:


    Storage temperature:


    physical dimension:


    Warranty period:

    3 years/15000H


    3. Product light source parameters:


    LED type


    LED optional color temperature/wavelength




    LED luminous flux/brightness



    The final interpretation right of this product belongs to Guangke Lighting, and it is subject to change without prior notice.


    4. Spot diagram and light distribution curve diagram:




    5. Schematic diagram of product dimensions (unit: mm):





    6. Schematic diagram of product installation and wiring:





    7. Matters needing attention in product installation and use:


    (1). Use 2x1.5mm² or more cables for the main power line (choose the corresponding main power line according to the load current). If the module power line needs to be lengthened, you must use a wire with a specification above 0.75mm²/18# to avoid overloading and overheating the power line.
    (2). The single lamp of the module can be cut. When the module is cut short and connected, first use diagonal pliers to cut the power cord between the two modules in the center, peel off the outer skin about 10mm, and put the corresponding color ( The white and red strips are the positive pole, and the white and blue strips are the negative pole) the wires are twisted into one strand, and then insulated and waterproofed with a special waterproof tape. It is advisable to pull out;
    (3). When installing the module, first tear off the release paper at the bottom of the module, stick it to the light box or the advertising logo for preliminary fixation, and then use 2 ST2.5x10mm self-tapping screws to lock and reinforce , and can also be fixed by applying glass glue on both sides of the module;
    (4). The terminal module wires need to be waterproofed with waterproof tape or wiring waterproof plugs to avoid short-circuit damage to the product;
    (5). Module standard level Connect 20PCS, use DC12V single-end power supply; maximum cascade 40PCS, use both ends of power supply, do not overconnect, to avoid excessive line load current and damage the product;
    (6). Live touch, live work.


    Note: It is recommended to use a switching power supply (with short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection) that has passed the relevant safety certification.


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