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MFW148A, 7016 three lamp 2835 patch injection molding waterproof module DC12V

    • Commodity ID: MFW148A


LED 2835 Module

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  • Product parameters:


    Operating Voltage

    DC 12V

    shell material

    Fire retardant PVC

    Input Current

    60 mA

    shell color




    Cable material

    UL1007 20AWG

    Beam angle


    Cable color

    Red line is positive, white line is negative

    Luminous flux

    W:65 lm

    Number of cascades

    20 pcs

    physical dimension

    70*16*7 mm

    set screw


    Number of LEDs

    3 pcs


    EVA foam glue

    glow color


    Operating temperature


    Degree of protection


    Storage temperature


    waterproof method

    Injection molding + conjoined optical lens

    Warranty years

    2 years


    LED light source parameters:


    LED type


    Beam angle


    service life


    can choose colour

    red/warm white/true white/cool white

    Forward Voltage

    Red: 1.9-2.2V White: 3.0-3.3V

    LED color temperature/wavelength

    warm white light

    positive white light

    cold white light

    red light





    LED luminous flux/brightness

    warm white light

    positive white light

    cold white light

    red light

    18-20 lm

    20-22 lm

    20-22 lm

    1300-1700 mcd


    Schematic diagram of product dimensions (unit: MM)




    Product installation wiring diagram:




    Matters needing attention in product installation and use:


    (A). During the installation of this product, sharp objects should be avoided from touching the surface of the lamp bead to avoid damage.
    (B). Avoid using acidic glass glue or other adhesive glue to fix this product, and avoid using and storing this product in an acidic environment, so as to avoid vulcanization of the lamp beads and affect the service life of the product.
    (C). Use 12V DC constant voltage switching power supply to drive this product, and select a power supply with appropriate power according to the number of connected LED modules; do not connect this product directly to 220V mains, otherwise the product will be burned.
    (D). The total power of the series-connected LED modules should be lower than 80% of the rated power of the drive power supply, otherwise it is easy to burn the power supply. In addition, according to the actual number of series-connected modules, select the appropriate thickness of the connecting line, between the line and the line The connection point must be tightly wrapped with insulating electrical glue to ensure the safe use of this product!
    (E). The maximum cascade of this product is a string of 20PCS. When the number of cascades continues to increase, due to the line loss of the wire, the voltage drop will cause a significant difference in brightness between the two ends of the product.


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